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Expwy - Bag Of Waters

Expwy (Can)
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Bag Of Waters (2012)
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Er komt niet alleen maar experimentele post-rock komt er uit Montreal, Quebec, zo werden we onlangs verrast door dit fijne garagerock van Expwy! Matt LeGroulx gaat schuil achter Expwy. Met Bag Of Waters maakte hij een uitermate aangenaam album!


01. Deep And Frozen Mother Nude
02. Cargo: Headstones
03. Glinting Buckles Harnessed The Moonlight
04. Foppish Gallant And Scarecrow Thin
05. Reduced To Vanity Smiles
06. I Lost A Million Narrow Steps To A Hard Luck Cockeye
07. We Will Try To Lamp Light Brooklyn Crescents
08. Smoked And Crossed Up A Fist Into Arms
09. Pack Away Your Knives And Pack Away Your Doves!
10. Burst Out Crying From The Jaw
11. While He Laid Unmoved She Feminised His Quill
12. Howling Lungs Lit Up Like Campfires

Expwy is:

Matt LeGroulx


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