donderdag 17 maart 2011

V/A - Texas Compilation

Diverse Artiesten (VS)
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Texas Compilation (2011)
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Ook zo benieuwd hoe het ervoorstaat met de muziekscene in Texas? Wel wij kunnen u gerust stellen het staat er prima voor! Met name het Exponential Records is goed bezig. Het label brengen fijne electronische en experimentele  klanken tot ons. [meer/download]


01. The Empireal Formula - Text Tokyo
02. Butcher Bear - Upp
03. Mexicans with Guns - Precession
04. Fresh Millions - Hot New Jam from '73
05. NickNack - Life in the Speaker
06. soundfounder - The Comforter
07. Chili - PB 2 MY J
08. Diego Bernal (ft. Carly Garza) - All I Did (Remix)
09. Mnolo - Collective Unconscious
10. DJ Dus - K Le Pasa
11. Aaron Peña - Technocracy
12. Ernest Gonzales - Sunrays
13. Xukpi - Dim Shine
14. Kinder - Games on the Field (If They Pick You)

"In Texas, we like big trucks, bbq, and making music. Texas is a compilation of upcoming producers, each with a unique electronic sound but unified by hanging hats in the Lonestar State home".


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